Pregnancy and family artwork duo


Pregnancy and newborn with family artwork print from Noelle Rollins Art


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Artwork duo perfect for a birth center, family planning center or wellness center.

This listing includes a set of 2 prints.

Artwork image 1) Sacred Garden of Pregnancy:
Growing, wishing, blossoming.
Life, color and possibility.
Connection. honor. love.
Savor it all.
The honoring of the sacred garden.
The growing child. New life.

This artwork features a pregnant woman in lotus pose, sitting naturally in a cross-legged position. Surrounded by growth, florals, new life.

Artwork image 2) Together – Family
A family, Growing.
Connected through energy and love.
When together and apart.

This artwork features the subtle energetic outlines of a family. Parents, newborn, and child.


Choice of sizes: (you’ll get both prints in that size)

8×10″ canvas prints

16×20″ canvas prints

24×30″ canvas prints


This artwork was created with a midwife, doula, ob, birth center, women’s center in mind.¬† ¬†Also available are cards and card sets in the sacred garden of pregnancy prints.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in
Print options

8 x 10" canvas prints, 16 x 20" canvas prints, 24"x30" canvas prints