Purposeful – mountain pose yoga print choice of sizes on canvas


Purposeful Peaceful Powerful – prayer pose artwork from the Soulful Yoga collection by Noelle Rollins Art. Wall art print.


Purposeful.   Peaceful.   Powerful.

Full of oranges, reds, purples and golds this print is all about passion and standing in our truth as soulful people making things happen.


root chakra – Tadasana pose artwork print

Sacral chakra –

This pose is called the Prayer Pose. This piece highlights the root chakra that provides feelings of safety and stability.  This pose is shown to help back pain, strengthen legs and buttocks. Assists in centering and balance.  While working with the sacral chakra this pose this pose can help open up the hips, elongate and strengthen the spine


Choice of sizes:

8×10″ canvas print

16×20″ canvas print



This piece is part of my Soulful Yoga Series.

This series has been created out of my own journey to live more self aware. I’ve longed for a way to quiet my always running mind, feel good in my body from the inside out and connect with my inner soulful awareness. I believe this series will connect with people who do yoga. As well as connect to those who are looking for positive, encouraging, calming artwork.


Find out more about the Soulful Yoga series visit here.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in
Print options

8 x 10" canvas print, 16 x 20" canvas print