Sacred hellos Starter Package Set


This wholesale artwork print set includes every image from the Sacred Hellos series, perfect to find out the most popular images amongst your customer base.


Looking to try a bit of everything from the Sacred Hellos series?

This set includes
15 small prints (5″x7″ mat)  1 of each image

15 large prints (11×14″ mat)  1 of each image

10 note cards – 2-11:11 cards, 8 cardinal cards of varying styles

8″x10″ canvas print of Cardinal is near – classic


About the Sacred Hellos series:

Have you ever received a sacred hello? A sign from a loved one passed on? A moment were you felt completely in tune with your intuition? How about a time you’ve prayed and felt the peacefulness of angels?

Cardinal sightings, messengers, feathers, coins, signs, numbers, hearts, butterflies, the list goes on. When you’ve had one you know. The beautiful things about these moments; it doesn’t matter to you if others believe you or not. You KNOW that you know that you know. You feel them for a moment.

For a moment you know they are checking in, making sure you know they are okay, it’s all good. Feel them sending love.

For years I’ve longed to create visual artwork that connected me to these events. A painting that when you look at it you are reminded of those moments, of loved ones that have passed. Of a connection to something bigger, grander and wiser than our understanding. That you and I are loved. Confirmation that our souls, our knowing, our energy continues on.

Learn more about this series here.

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Weight 20 oz