Set of 7 grief and remembrance greeting cards


Set of grief and remembrance cards



This card set combines cards to give to recognize someones grief and offer remembrance for their loved one.

What do you say when the unspeakable happens?

When someone you care about gets a terminal diagnosis?

Or a birthday of your sister’s deceased husband is coming… you want to say something, do something…

These grief and remembrance cards helps you say something. The thing we too often do is we avoid people when things like these happen. Not intentionally, we want to reach out but our fear of not knowing what to say keeps us from saying anything. And the more time passes… the harder it gets to say something. These cards can bridge that space. Help you to say something. Speak up. Share the love and speak a few words of love into an unspeakable situation.

Each card has a beautiful linen texture that will feel good in your recipients hands when they open it.

Folded cards are approx 5×7″. Each card features a message on the inside along with room to write your own message if you’d like to add to the one there.

Card comes with white envelope.

Order additional grief and remembrance cards of one or more designs:

-someone who has lost a Mother here:

– someone who has lost a Father here:

– lost a husband, boyfriend, brother, grandpa, uncle or other male here.
– lost a wife, girlfriend, grandmother, or female best friend here.
– card to give someone whose loved one has been given a terminal diagnosis or in hospice here:

-card to give someone who has been given a terminal diagnosis here.

– someone who has lost a child here.

You can find information about my Sacred Hellos – Message from Heaven book, remembrance ornaments, Memorial portraits and more here.

Cards are copyrighted. ¬©Noelle Rollins Art –

Cards may not be reproduced, or the text copied. Thank you for acting with integrity and honoring the cards in the manner of love they were created in.



You can find specific remembrance ornaments here:

Mom remembrance

Dad remembrance

Brother remembrance

Sister remembrance

Daughter remembrance

Son remembrance

Husband remembrance

Wife Remembrance

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in
Card sets

Complete 7 pc variety pack, 2 complete sets (14 cards)

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