You are loved – upward facing dog pose note card


You are loved – upward facing note card with white envelope. From the Soulful yoga artwork collection by Noelle Rollins Art.


You are loved – upward facing dog pose

This pose is called the Upward Facing Dog Pose one of the chakras is helps clear or activate is the heart chakra. It is in the heart area, behind the breast bone. It is associated with love, compassion, spirituality and healing. Here is some great information I got from The Heart Chakra is associated with the color green or the color pink. This love center of our human energy system is often the focus in bringing about a healing. Thus, the words “Love Heals All” have great truth. Hurtful situations that can affect our emotional being are divorce or separation, grief through death, emotional abuse, abandonment, adultery. All of these are wounding to the heart chakra. Physical illnesses brought about by heartbreak require that an emotional healing occur along with the physical healing. Learning to love yourself is a powerful first step in securing a healthy fourth chakra. The “wounded child” resides in the heart chakra.


This notecard is 5.5″ x 4.25″.  Blank inside. Includes white envelope.


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Note from the artist:

This piece is part of my Soulful Yoga Series. This series has been created out of my own journey to live more self aware. I’ve longed for a way to quiet my always running mind, feel good in my body from the inside out and connect with my inner soulful awareness. I believe this series will connect with people who do yoga as well as those who do not but are looking for positive, encouraging, calming artwork.

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