Recognizing my own health burnout … and finally dealing with it

I don’t normally post videos like this.. but my body has been begging me to pay attention to it  – I’m calling it health burnout – and it’s intense. I’ve overloaded my schedule, my workload, too little sleep, too few healthy stress outlets… and I’m burned out. My body needs me to stop everything and pay attention. I know I’m not alone.

As an artist, I’m used to sharing the polished, finished result. Baring a makeup-free face, and the struggles I’m facing right now while I don’t have my best foot forward… feels incredibly vulnerable and also like the right thing to do. I’m restructuring my life, and I’ll share what I find out works best as I figure it out.

What did my body felt like during burnout? Surprise… it’s not depression, sleeping too much, or anger. I’m learning how to put things back together in the right way while honoring work and life and fun balance. What is fun? I have no idea but I’m determined to start figuring it out.

I’ll be using these videos as an accountability tool to hold me to my goals at continuing to honor my health. If you connect with this video you can subscribe to my youtube channel to see more. I’ll be putting out a series of these all summer (and possibly longer)


Thanks for watching and allowing me to share this.