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Sacred Hellos - messages from heaven.

Have you ever received a sign from a deceased loved one? You are not alone. Perhaps you are finding yourself questioning whether this has happened to you. Signs from our loved ones can come in many forms. Cardinals, coins, numbers, feathers, dreams - these are all examples of signs I consider to be Sacred Hellos. There are countless other signs as well. What is yours?

In Sacred Hellos, Noelle eloquently moves us through her decade of mourning with each stage of grief woven throughout her journey. She shares personal stories of signs, her feelings of deep sadness and anger following the death of her mother, as well as the pure, raw emotions of holding space for loved ones during their transitions. Noelle’s honest, heartfelt stories and powerful artwork serve as a connection to those we have loved and help us to find our own something that is bigger than ourselves.

Noelle offers tips on grieving, steps to discover signs, and lessons of hope, acceptance, and resilience; revealing to us how she integrated these with her religious and spiritual beliefs. “I have written the book I wish I would have had a decade ago.” ~Noelle