Sacred Hellos pre-sale session video – behind the scenes of the book and my story

Sacred Hellos pre-sale launch image

Recently I hosted a live video session on Facebook to celebrate the pre-sale launch of my new book, Sacred Hellos – Messages from Heaven. I read a chapter of my upcoming book aloud and shared behind the scenes details of how the book came to be, a few of the chapters, and talked about the tricky side of grief. (The parts that don’t feel like grief).

The chapter I read is called, “I’m more than this partially broken me.” It’s about having people judge me as I was re-finding my footing after losing my mom. I wasn’t used to not having control and “my act together”. I share how judgments from others affected me more during this time than I believe they would have at other times. How I found a way to work through my anger, shame, and frustrations during this time while still grieving. This is a story I never thought I’d share, but I know I’m not alone.

You can watch the replay of this video here:


It was a very special hour. Thank you for joining me on this healing path.


Want to get your hands on the new book? Here are some links where books are also available for pre-sale ordering:


America – Kindle ebook

Canada – Kindle ebook in Canada

Italy – Kindle ebook in Italy