seasons of life – Winter


This week I want to share some new artwork.  After an abundant and crazy busy fall and holiday season I crashed. I was exhausted and through the Minnesota January and February I felt myself go into a wintery cacoon.  I could feel things brewing beneath the surface yet new it was too early to bring them out to the world.  I’ve been thinking about how each part of our year, relationships, work can have seasons.  Each day I will talk about one of those, share poetry about it, a piece of artwork (the larger one is the one of today) and about what it’s deeper meaning is.  Note that these don’t necessarily have to take place when the weather season happen.







Frozen stillness.


Replenishing rest.


Renewed appreciation.



When things are quiet, seemingly frozen in time.  No matter how hard you push or try it seems like nothing budges.  It’s a time of rest. It’s sometimes hard, but I try to tell myself when I feel like this that I need to rest up because big things are coming and I will need my energy for them.  So I keep showing up, even if it seems for awhile like the results are few.  Be diligent, persisitent. Things will pick up. I now try to enjoy that time, catch up on other areas that had been neglected during my busy season. Put in to practice my beliefs of having faith and patience. Spring will come.