Signs of recovery

The habitat house across the street has people outside landscaping this week.  The house had been abandoned for a few years after a kid inherited it from him grandpa and then turned it into a party house. It was later condemned and habitat came in this last year and has built the cutest little house.  Next door to that a family with some serious medical bills after years of paying thousands a month to help cover their son’s brain tumor treatments, medications, etc were forced to walk away from their house. Today there are people over there also, last week they tore out the carpet. I see signs that good things are happening.  The road next to my house is buzzing with trucks and tractors as they replace the curbs, tar, etc.

I’ve talked to dozens of fellow business owners in the last month who have never been busier.  Life is good and busy.

There is something about fall, and seeing things being transformed for the better all around me that is contagious.  I’m loving it.

We got rid of our cable a couple months ago (kinda glad cuz I know I’d be glued to the news channels during this election season). Instead I’ve chosen to listen to uplifting and informative blog talk radio shows, hayhouse radio and other things.  I swear it makes a big difference choosing to disconnect from much of the divisive and negative chatter.

I wish you an incredibly relaxing and possibly productive weekend!!

I’ll leave you with the photo I took a couple weeks ago up north. We have a projector screen hanging from the trees up there and at least once a weekend while at the cabin we get the fire going and try to do a fun movie night. Fun movies like: The great outdoors, Dan in Real Life, The hunger games, Grown ups…  One of my Favorite things to do ever. LOVE it.

Family Watching Movie Outsdie