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The SistHERhood is part class, part community.   The Finding myself in the moonlight class portion will run 6 months total (you can also choose the go at your own pace model).  They will be broken down into part A and part B with a 1 week break in between.  You can choose to take just one part or both!

Part A:

Part A will begin on September 10th and run for 5 weeks.  Topics include:

~ The power of sisterhood – both how to be genuinely supportive of women and also find and accept support in women.  How strong we can be when we can put aside our differences and see beneath the surface and the stories we tell others and ourselves.

~ The Magic of space  – creating room in our lives for the magic yet to come and saving our sanity in the process

~ Tethering to the future – have you ever been afraid to really let yourself grieve or embrace downtime because you’re afraid you might get swallowed up during the process and not escape on the other side?  Learn tricks and tips to allow yourself to feel fully without fear of losing yourself in the process.

~Authenticity –  Who is the authentic you?  How to recognize it, how to protect it and nourish her going forward.  Unlearning who we were taught by the world that we were as a child, teen and young adult.

~ Expectations – are we creating unnecessary pain in our lives simply from having expectations our of alignment with our actual desires?


Part B:

Part B will begin on Sunday October 22 and run for 5 weeks.

~ Grace – self care  – What if we treated ourselves the way we treat our favorite people in the world?

~ Dreams – how to dream big, wild and fierce.  How to really make sure the dreams you are going for are your dreams and not for others.  How to go for your dreams in real life.

~ Boundaries – how to say no without guilt, how to set boundaries to make time for you and your priorities.  Just in time for the holidays we’ll set you up to have a Holiday season full of all the things you dream it can be instead of all the monotony of must do’s.

~ Adventure – when’s the last time you tried something new?  How to find adventure during the every day and how to attract more big adventure into your life as well.

~ The big picture – how does this time in history and right now in our lives fit into the big picture?  Let’s put some context around it.




Have you ever had it happen where you are running to pick up the kids, or just have to do something quick and your hair is nasty, you may or may not have a bra on, you feel less than presentable and are hoping to get what you need done while staying under the radar? …. then that is the time where you run into your old high school crush or an old friend?  nightmare right?            Not just because of the mortification at that moment but because you know that you are more than how you looked at that moment.  You don’t want those people out in the world for the next however many years thinking you are always a complete mess.   You know that just hours before you had on your good jeans and your hair was done, makeup was on point and you felt amazing.                My point….. This my be a time in your life that feels a little like the no makeup and bra look.   Don’t worry, we know that you are more than that moment.  Don’t let embarrassment or ego stop you from letting us in or giving yourself the gift of sisterhood.  We want to see you, your highs and lows and support you through all of them.        In contrast if this is a time in life where you feel unstoppable, join us also. Share that energy with the sisterhood.  Let us root for you while you make things even better.


Think this sounds like a fit for you?  Register here.    Still not sure?  Keep on reading.


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BONUS – register for both part A and B and have indefinite membership in the online group to stay in touch, offer support and get inspiration!





The sistHERhood will get it’s sacred energy partly from the lessons and ideas I share and part community shared.  My hope for this group is that you will all take your place in this space and share and support one another.   We will create a space for sharing our hurdles and a place we can also joyfully celebrate our successes.   We will honor the pact that what is shared in the group will remain sacred and not be shared with others outside of the group.  This will be a group that is not focused on politics or religion for 2 reasons – 1. There are already enough groups devoted to those.  and 2. While those can be huge parts of your life, they are not everything that you are.  Often they are used as fences in our society to keep some in and others out and while they serve a purpose that I get, my hope is that this group will go deeper than that and we will see each other for who we are even beneath those layers.

To state the obvious, I don’t have all the answers and don’t pretend to.  So if you’re looking for me to do that then you will be disappointed.

What I can do is provide some of the tools I have found to work along with stories, humor and inspiration.  I can provide the space for you to bring your wisdom and wishes.  A space where we all come to the table with who we are, were we are with our highest and best intentions for more in our lives.   I’m so grateful to be able to occasionally be a part of physical women’s circles and they are glorious and life changing.  My hope is that this class and space will enhance that feeling and not compete with any other women’s groups you are a part of.  I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many wildly amazing, wise, soulful, loving women in my life and I hope to bring pieces of them all to this group.


Technical details –

How this online course and shared space will work:

Each Sunday morning beginning on Sept 10th I will post a video about that week’s topic.  These videos will range in length and are perfect to put on while you give yourself a few moments in the morning or play in the background while you get ready for the day.   We will then focus that week in the online group on that subject.   (In all honesty I’ll probably post the videos on Saturday nights since I’m admittedly not an early morning person.  So if you find yourself able to listen then go for it.)

We will lightly cover each of the 11 topics listed above.  Each topic will include 1 video and lesson.  Then 1-2 follow up questions, videos or stories in the FB group.

My goal for this group will be to make it rich enough with content that you can get inspired and dive in and go as deep into each subject as you want, but it will also be wildly successful for those without a lot of extra time.  My hope is that you can listen to the video/audio and take that in and let it work on your thoughts, expand your awareness on that subject and make you question things as you see them in your own life that pertain to that topic.

Once your registration is received you will receive a confirmation.  Facebook group invites will be sent out on Sunday Sept 10th.


See all the payment options and choose which parts you would like to participate in here:

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*Pricing will go up on August 15th.

Q & A’s

Q: When does the class start?

A: The class starts on Sunday, Sept 10th.


Q: Do I have to live near you to register?

A: No, this class and group will take place online.  You will do all classes and communications via the internet.  You can be anywhere in the world and be part of this course.


Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t join this group?

A: If you are a mean girl at heart with no desire to change or if you have no interest in learning to be in a group of women and genuinely support, save your time and don’t register.


Q: I really want to join but I can’t afford the cost, is there any way I can still join?

A: I’d be happy to work out a payment plan by breaking up the class cost into as many as 3 payments.   I don’t do free classes anymore though and here is why, In all my time of teaching classes I can assure you that the people who don’t put money towards the class also do not put the energy into the class either to get out of it what is possible.   I genuinely believe that an energy exchange happens and that when you put forth money for something and do it with gratitude something shifts and you will be more accountable to yourself to get more out of the experience.


Q: Can I join this class after it starts?

A: Registration will remain open until Sept 15, 2017.   I will be offering other courses in 2018 so join my mailing list here to get notified when those are announced.


register button for SistHERhood


I hope to see you for the class and online space!   Wishing you all the best,