Sneak Peek to my new Soulful Yoga artwork series

Third Eye Chakra Artwork

I am so excited about my newest artwork series, it so reflects the personal journey I have been on and where I hope to go. I am a student learning the yoga lifestyle. How to be gentle with myself, how to stop forcing things to happen and sometimes just allow things to happen. This requires a faith that what’s meant to be will occur, a trusting and believing I’m am on the correct path with my souls purpose. I have studied each of the body’s chakras; did you know there are colors that tie in with each chakra? Or that different yoga poses not only increase circulation, stretch your body and quiet your mind but they also activate an awaking of certain chakras depending on the pose.  This fascinates me. As I have said before, I am on my own personal journey to being my best self.  I have made huge strides but most difficult one seems to be honoring my body. Respecting it with my time to exercise it, stretch it and appreciate it. I want to feel good from the inside out.  

Each week beginning in June I will be introducing one of my new artwork pieces from this series. Each piece has a back story, a chakra related to it and I am working on a full line of items to go with them. Greeting cards, prints, etc.  I’ll have links to those each week as well or you can save the link to my etsy site where they will all be posted: 

I hope you’ll take this journey with me as we together learn more about the body and mind connection, yoga, poses and chakras.  If you have people in your life that may be interested I’d love if you’d share this blog with them.  I will also have links, photos, etc on my facebook page: