week 1 off facebook and instagram

Here are my notes from this past week as I moved towards giving up social media for 2020 and also what it’s been like during the first week off.

Countdown to January 1st, 2020.  Prepping.

It’s 10:40 pm on New Years Eve. I’ve got When Harry Met Sally on. I’ve convinced Aspen to watch a movie with headphones on across the room on a laptop. Bruce went to be a little bit ago.  Skylar is out with friends. So it’s me and my laptop and list of 2020 goals together until midnight.

Last week I decided that I will leave my instagram and Noelle Rollins Art facebook page active.  This was a tough decision for me.  Would it truly be considered “giving up social media” if I left my pages active with a message image on them?  I’m still undecided if it’s “cheating” but since I won’t be logging in during the year, to me this was a way to compromise. I’ll work on doing effective marketing in other ways outside of social media during 2020 but by leaving those up at least I’m not losing the connection immediately to the 1500+ people who do follow me there.

I did deactivate my personal Facebook page and signed out on all devices from my accounts. After that I deleted the icons that my phone would let me, some nowadays apparently come with the phone and say they can’t be deleted. I was able to revert them back to factory condition taking off all my info.   In order to delete my personal facebook account but keep my business page up I added someone close to me as a 2nd admin on my art page.   I then wrote up a message explaining that I’m still fully running my art business, just away from social media and pinned a post to the top of my pages.   Here was the image that is currently on my facebook art page and instagram:

giving up facebook

January 7th   – day 7

I was prepared for white knuckling avoidance of checking my phone every hour or so. So far that hasn’t happened. I think having the kids both off school until today has helped. I am in vacation mode. It hasn’t felt like “real daily life” yet.  From Thanksgiving through Christmas is my busiest time of year so I give myself a break after Christmas for a week or two, only reacting to orders coming in on etsy, amazon or my website, but no marketing or intense projects.   Aspen’s next to me on a laptop doing his schooling today so it’s a bit more real.  I think the prep work I did that I explained above helped relieve a lot of the business anxiety I would have felt had I just closed my accounts.

A couple times that I almost grabbed my phone to take a photo to post, then I remembered that I can’t post. Then I debated even taking the photo.  How strange is that?  It’s kind of like a BS detector for my own actions. Who was I going to take that photo of 30 turkeys in my driveway for then if it wasn’t for me?  Why would posting it for others to see make it more valid or more worth capturing?  I’m making mental notes as I type this, I’m going to pay attention to this going forward and see if this continues or fades away.

General observations:

  • I started reading more of my actual emails.
  • I’m noticing that I may have had more anxiety than I realized. I never felt as if I could just take a day and do something on a whim. Even taking the kids with me, or when Bruce would encourage me to take an afternoon for myself, it didn’t matter. There was always this underlying feeling of needing to be around. A feeling like I was holding something together by being “available”.  This would make more sense if I was referring to being available to kids and husband, but this was different. It was a feeling of being in tune and available to everyone.  As I type this I know how ridiculous that sounds, intellectually it makes no sense. That is what my body and subconscious thoughts were telling me.
  • On day 5 I felt free enough to take an afternoon to myself! What a gift this was.  I walked around an art store, then a bookstore for hours.  I looked at book sizes, designs, the feeling of them, white paper versus natural colored.  What do I want my upcoming book to look like? What colors draw me in, what repel me? I splurged on some special erasers and new colored pencils. It was such a gift to have that date with myself and my love of art and hopes for my future book.
  • I put a podcast app on my phone. So far I’ve listened a few times when I’m cleaning, or going from room to room, even drawing. I am surprised though that there have been times where I’ve chosen to not turn on anything and just enjoy the quiet.
  • I don’t lay in bed as long in the morning, I’ve been finding myself getting up and ready to take on the day without feeling like there’s something I’m supposed to check. Admittedly this is also partly due to a puppy needing attention, so I’m being aware of both things as potential reasons for the change.


I’ll leave this here for now.  I’ll plan on sharing a blog about this social media detox a 2-3x times a month. (I was going to share 1x a week but that’s feeling like too much right now. A bit counterproductive to me feeling a sense of ease.)  For those who are looking to do the same make sure to subscribe and follow along on my experience and lessons learned all year.