Story of the family workshop – from horse stalls to a finished space

horse stalls with hay in feeder

When we purchased this property in 2015, the area that is now our workshop was full of horse stalls. Hay, wooden slat stalls, and lots of spider webs filled the space.

We had a vision. A space where we could work on wood projects, painting, creating, and have family time of inventing and building too.
(made sure the images are showing – it’ll be much more fun that way)


Bruce had a vision of how to make that happen.


It included tapping into our wood boiler so we could have floor heat and finishing off with insulation, sheetrock, and some repurposed cabinets.   The back double doors open up into a grove where we have planted over a dozen apple trees and started grapevines, raspberry and blueberry bushes.



It also included repurposing the wood from the horse stalls, and adding in some wood from some large pallets into a playhouse and some other projects.


Lighting and electrical was upgraded, doors changed a bit, and it was finally starting to feel like a new place.


Slowly this workshop has transformed into a family hub of creativity. Woodworking, painting, a dartboard for fun, and currently a trough with baby chickens in the corner.  It’s a space that has been a dream come true for us all.


It’s fun to see a workspace come to fruition over 8 years and into a space that fits our needs and dreams at this stage of life.


We are so grateful for this home and property.


Thanks for being a part of it with me (us).