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4 day Flash Sale

              Great chance to get original artwork for your home or cabin!  This artwork also makes a perfect gift.  The 11″x14″ size is under $70 and has free shipping.  Perfect to bring along as a gift for that family who is letting you stay at their cabin this labor…

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Move Me Forward Sale

Move Me Forward Sale Help me as I continue to refine my vision and journey for my business.  Sometimes we have to go through a journey only to come full circle and get back to what seems like the starting point again with a refined sense of self, knowledge, and confidence.  That’s how I think…

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20 years and just getting started

Rewind 20 years ago, I was in 8th grade. My outfit of choice for school was plaid boxer shorts and a sweatshirt I bought myself. Braces, new contacts and bangs.  … good times. That year also I was asked to do a logo for the new travelling volleyball league.  I got paid 50 bucks and…

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