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Move Me Forward Sale

Move Me Forward Sale Help me as I continue to refine my vision and journey for my business.  Sometimes we have to go through a journey only to come full circle and get back to what seems like the starting point again with a refined sense of self, knowledge, and confidence.  That’s how I think…

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Studio Spring Open House recap

It’s hard to imagine that it was warm and sunny just a couple days ago, it’s snowing today and for the next couple days here in Minnesota. It’s pretty unheard of really. I feel incredibly grateful that we’re going to cozy up tomorrow and stay warm at home. At the studio open house this past…

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the art of business – preparation

A few things I’ve learned in my first 2 months since expanding my business: 1)I have dove head first into my real life dream of being in the middle of absolute non-stop busy with an endless to-do list. And I have a pride in myself for making it happen that I will hopefully someday be…

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