The most important vow

Rewind to the Ausust of 2004.  I had just moved back from Texas 2 months prior w/ my daughter.  I had spent the summer reflecting on what had gone wrong in my first marriage.  Where I had “lost” myself.   I was still in a place in my mind of thinking I could do enough to somehow save this broken relationship.  (It would be 2 more years of me being the only one trying before I finally realized that I had to let go.)

My best friend was getting married.  I was excited for her even as my own heart was broken and needing extra care.  4 years prior when I delivered my daughter my in-laws presented me with a gorgeous ring. It had a large heart stone in the middle of my (and Sky’s) birthstone, surrounded by diamonds.  It was so thoughtful.

As I stood in my friends wedding that summer day I chose to feel no sadness. As she said her vows to her husband, while I celebrated with her I put that heart ring on my finger and said those same vows. This time to myself.  I promised to honor myself, love myself through good times and bad, etc.  I knew that I had to re-find a way to appreciate myself, love my life and know that I am enough before I would ever attract the right person into my life and be able to offer those things to another.

8.5 years later and I still think back to those few moments, changing my perspective, putting myself and my needs back on my to do list.  It was life changing and I know that it was such a simple yet profound set of promises I made to me. Secretly (until years later when I shared it), my own gift.


Be love and it will emanate from every pore.

Noelle and Skylar nose kisses