The new studio!!

sometimes you know it’s time.  Time to take the thousands of hours of tools, tips and techniques I’ve been stockpiling away for someday.  Time to go big or go home. Time to look fear, doubt and uncertainty right in the eye and say, “You don’t scare me anymore!”.  I’m ready to make shit happen.  Big, glorious, fabulous connections, projects, and ideas that have been inside of me waiting until this time.

I will fail big or I will success beyond my wildest dreams.  I am planning on that latter.  I’ve gotta lots of dreams and goals; I figured it’s about time to start getting to ’em.

Last weekend I had my grand opening.  I opened my doors at noon on Friday, I keep busy by finishing up odd projects, straightening labels, etc.  Then soon it was 12:10… 12:15…. 12:30…  I teeny part of me was starting to panic a bit….  am I crazy? what am I doing? Is anyone gonna show?   But then I tried out a technique I had heard about the day before.  I say down to my journal.  I wrote an entry as if that open house was already over and I wrote it how I wanted it to turn out.  I wrote, “the open house started off slow, I was a little nervous.  But then one person came, then another.  Soon the whole place was filled with awesome people, the perfect people I would hand pick to share this moment with.  Before I knew it I was closing up.  I had great conversations, really connected with others and I sold so many things that went to the perfect people for them.”  As soon as I got that last sentence down on paper the first person walked in, then the second.  My entire journal entry came true. It was such a powerful tool to put my mind in the space of optimism and attraction instead of doubt.

I feel so grateful to each and every person who came by, has sent their well wishes and wished me luck on this journey.  I thank each of you!

Here are some pictures of the new space:

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