The Path Forward – the next step

It can happen even to the strongest of us, we are living our life, and something unexpected like a death, divorce, or loss happens that stops us in our tracks.

2 years ago today my book, Sacred Hellos – Messages from Heaven was published.

At the end of the book there is a chapter called The Path Forward.

Sacred Hellos Book

It’s all about how we can take all that grief and once we are emerging from the depths of the hardest parts, then use it all as fuel to re-build our lives. That time often comes a few years after the loss, sometimes more than a decade, sometimes sooner. For those in that space I offer a follow up to that book:

Introducing: The Path Forward Membership Group.


The Path Forward Online Membership Group


The Path Forward Online Membership Group offers a combination of intellectual and emotional tools for women and men infused with inspiration. Together we’ll use the tools from this online membership to examine 12 carefully chosen areas of life throughout the year. In each area we will learn new information, acknowledge our own needs, honor areas ready for growth, and explore where we are ready to invite new dreams to unfold.  Membership is renewed annually, allowing 12 months for changes and calmer patterns to develop.

This membership has been strategically built for people looking to begin putting together their life again after loss. Once you are through the deep, paralyzing grief and have begun to move into the stage of acceptance, you will find this membership most valuable. This membership is an excellent follow up to other grief groups. Lessons will also support us as we dip back into each of the stages of grief as we’ll continue to do so for years to come.



What is included:

  • Monthly Theme and correlating lesson – Throughout the year we will cover 12 carefully curated, different areas of grief and the path forward after grief. Topics include: anger, sadness, our lost self, dreams and goals, money, and more.
  • Monthly interview with an expert – Each month we will interview an expert we admire in the areas of moving forward, grief, creativity, or other relevant areas to our goals. Interviews will be saved in our group vault.
  • Monthly Gabbing with Grief session – Monthly check-in and round table where we will gather online live and chat. It’s a time to ask questions, check in with one another from the comfort of our own homes and talk.
  • Monthly creative project. – These projects will be simple in materials, yet carry deeper purpose beyond the moment. Equally important is the gift of time for yourself during these projects to simply create. In a world calling us in all directions these times will be a profound gift of calming, centered, time for ourselves. You will have access to all past projects to create on-demand as you wish.
  • Inspiration & group access – This will provide ongoing support, a place for questions, connection, and a way to help others. This group features intentional encouragement, support, and resources. We all have times where our energy dips and new life situations present themselves. This support will be there for us when we need it, even when people in our everyday lives don’t understand what we’re facing.
  • Accountability – Along with a group cheering for you, there is built-in accountability when you know others are looking out for your goals and future.  You will have others to team up with to help each other along.
  • Discount to in-person events – you will be able to save 50% on all in person Grief and Path forward events
  • First to know about Noelle Rollins Art upcoming courses, and first to know chance to register at discounted rates.
  • Discount registration code on future House of Girls retreats, events, and classes.



You find find out more about this revolutionary new group; including the rest of the most updated information, price, and deadline here.