It can happen even to the strongest of us, we are living our life, and something unexpected like a death, divorce, or loss happens that stops us in our tracks. There is a time, after the deep grieving when we feel a fire swell up inside of us and we know we are ready to begin again. The Path Forward offers a combination of intellectual and emotional tools for women, teamed with inspiration. Together we’ll use the tools from this online membership to take the pieces of our former life and deliberately decide which pieces we will carry forward, which we will let go of, and what areas we invite new dreams to unfold.  Membership is renewed annually, allowing time for changes and calmer patterns to develop.

Are you looking to:

  • Gift yourself time to examine, get clear on goals, and consciously create a revised plan for your life?
  • Use creativity, soul work, and project management style planning to put things back together in a way that supports your deepest joys, purpose, and dreams?
  • Have a sacred space where you can be both strong and vulnerable; without judgment, if your grief is not enough or too much?
  • Get support in dealing with others’ expectations and learn to rebuild relationships in a healthier way?
  • Focus on being true to your deepest self and learning to honor and celebrate your uniqueness?

  Learn to eliminate the drama and mind clutter, instead creating more calm.

When I published my book, Sacred Hellos - Messages from Heaven, I heard from women all over America. Our stories may vary but there is often a familiar thread that runs through each: How can I honor my sadness and frustration and also move forward and live a great life? Is that possible after such heartbreak?  YES. Yes it is! In fact, I’ve found our gratitude and appreciate for things is much more when we can shift our perspectives and carry a newfound curiosity for life while also honoring the deepest pains we’ve experienced. 



What is The Path Forward?

The Path Forward is an online membership group for women from around the US and the world who want to recreate an intentional, purpose-filled life while connecting with others looking to do the same. Membership is renewed annually, allowing time for changes to start taking hold in life and calmer patterns to develop.


What is included:

  • Monthly soul art project. - These projects will be simple in materials, yet carry deeper purpose beyond the moment. Equally important is the gift of time for yourself during these projects to simply create. In a world calling us in a hundred directions these times will be a profound gift of calming, centered, time for ourselves. You will have access to all past projects to create on-demand as you wish.
  • Monthly interview with an expert - Each month I will interview someone I admire or an expert in the areas of moving forward, grief, creativity, or other relevant areas to our goals. You will have a chance to submit questions and sometimes these calls will be live via zoom or a similar platform. Interviews will be saved in our group vault.
  • Inspiration & group access - This will provide ongoing support, a place for questions, connection, and a way to help others. This group features intentional encouragement, support, and resources. We all have times where our energy dips and new life situations present themselves; this support will be there for us when we need it, even when people in our everyday lives don’t understand what we’re facing.
  • Accountability - Along with a group cheering for you, there is built-in accountability when you know others are looking out for your goals and future.  Looking for more accountability? You can upgrade to have your membership to include 1 on 1 accountability sessions!
  • Access to vault of all Noelle Rollins Art upcoming courses at discounted rates-
    • “Dare to Dream (again) Course” which will include - Dream & Goal Clarifier Tool, Fear Replacement Field Guide, Dreamer Deep Dive—idea explorer (to be released early 2022)
    • “Masterpiece  - Goal Accountability Course” To be released 2022
    • “Money Clarity for the Win"  course


What The Path Forward is not:

The Path Forward is NOT a grief group.  I have the deepest appreciation for the depths of grief, especially fresh grief. I am not a grief counselor and while I can hold great empathy for you while you’re in this time of grief, I’ve deliberately chosen to have The Path Forward focus on that steps after that time of deep mourning. I intend to hold space for possibilities and your dreams on the other side of grief.


Who The Path Forward is NOT for:

  • If you are not able to take responsibility for your choices and commit to growth, maybe this isn’t the right time for you. We are all in different stages of becoming, no one has arrived, however, if you’re a blamer or someone looking to always pass along the responsibility then this course will not be a good fit for you.
  • The path forward will be welcoming and safe for people of all backgrounds, faiths, gender preferences, walks of life, income levels. If you are not able to treat others the way you’d like to be treated then this will not be the space for you.
  • Those expecting an easy fix. I do believe that life should not be hard and endlessly laborious, however, it takes commitment and a willingness to find our deepest purpose and build a life that reflects it.
  • Gossiper or pot-stirrers. I have a zero-tolerance for any of this type of behavior. I hold the best intention for this sacred space for us all to feel safe to grow, learn, and reflect. I will protect that for you as well and ask you to come with that same level of honoring for all in our space.


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