The perfect art gift to give – for the noticers

grandpa and grandson artwork

Art can take a seemingly simple, one second moment and add an importance to it. A remembering. Forever this sweet boy will have this image to look back on, knowing that in this moment… he was Grandpa’s whole world. ♥

It’s up to us to be the seers, the ones to witness and bring importance to the love, the helping, the everyday moments.

They matter so much.

Now is the time to try to take a few photos that can be used to inspired that Holiday portrait art gift. Cooking together, teaching a skill, a hug, a hand held while walking, helping on a playground, how about capturing a moment like this of your grown children and their child(ren) or pets…

You can also add on a print pack and have gifts this holiday season for everyone in the family.



You can find out more about getting a portrait created here.


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