The power of a vision and a plan

Happy Holidays to each of you! I’ve been in blissful vacation mode. Relaxed, naps, jammies all day. I’m loving it.
In stark contrast to relaxing though I’ve also been pretty productive at home. I love getting caught up on cleaning, dishes, etc. As someone who has a hard time slowing down, my theory is if you’re on vacation it’s okay to do productive and organizing things if its something you truly want to do. Otherwise… if its a “have to” and will ruin the relaxing.. then do it another day. The hubby and I have laid out some BIG, awesome crazy goals for the next couple years. It’s so much fun and I suddenly find myself wanting to do things I should anyways. I’ve gone through dresser drawers, decluttered the bookshelf, have boxes of stuff to donate. All about simplifying, letting go of things that no longer serve us. I listed some on amazon and last night and I already sold 3 things by noon today. Crazy Good! Plus bags and boxes of good stuff boxed up todonate to people who need them. Once we let go of the extra stuff (you know the stuff… it’s constantly needing to be cleaned, gone through, picked up, haven’t used it in years) then our energy is open to being put towards other things that fit us and where we are in our lives now. Plus we’re opening a space for new possibilities, things, adventures and fun! So cheers to goals, big dreams and making an opening for the best possible outcome that brings us closer to our life’s purpose and our best selves.
Lake near Yellowstone