superpower that comes while grieving

There are pages worth of downsides to the grieving process, what is often not talked about though is the secret superpower so many get.

I was talking with a friend last month as the one year anniversary of her husband’s passing was approaching, “Noelle, I feel like I”m in a freaking movie, like it can’t be real. All the stuff happening.”

She went on to explain people who seems to come into her life daily during the last year as if on cue to give her a message or sign. The perfectly accidental meeting of others with stories to share for her benefit. Odd meetings that she would have brushed off in the past, now she was hyper-focused on allowing them to unfold. I couldn’t help but nod in agreement. Yes, I knew exactly what she was talking about…

It’s the grieving superpower.

Wondering what could possibly be good from a time of intense grief? You can read the rest of this post over here on my recently published article on ThriveGlobal. While there learn 7 tips to getting all you can from the grieving superpower.


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