the VITAL ingredient to making your dream come true

dream revival experience Italian way

Join us, Nicla and Noelle as we discuss how we made our own dreams happen, how to see a dream through over years. How to nurture a dream that isn’t ready yet and not lose faith in it. You’ll love this inspiring talk that will leave you feeling hopeful and knowing you can make your dreams happen!


Nicla and I have put together a dream revival experience in the heel of Italy for the fall of 2023.


Beautiful Salento in Puglia will re-awaken your sense of self again. Let’s explore both our internal dreams and our external longing for beauty, inspiration, and adventure. You will benefit from the dedicated attention of an expert Italian Tour Manager and Guide, who will provide fantastic local knowledge and insider know-how. Nicla Marinelli aka the Runaway Italian is passionate about bringing you closer to authentic and undiscovered Italy and create memorable travel experiences you will never forget!

This Italian Experience is for: Women who are looking to tap back into themselves, and re-discover what makes them feel joyful, how to re-find balance again, and for pure inspiration to jump start it all. Women who have given all they have to raise kids, their careers, their spouses, their parents… and are waking up decades later wondering… “What about my dreams?” Women who can feel in their gut that there is more they are craving in their lives but aren’t sure what they are looking for. Women who have experienced a divorce, a loss, a career change that has left you feeling like you are ready to realign with your dreams again and gain clarity on how you want your future to unfold. You want to experience Italy and its beauty with a sisterhood of women from all walks of life. You can find all then information about this incredible experience here:

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We’ll be going live each week for the next month or so. You can join us live in the Facebook group here.