they mean well… but don’t listen to them…

– “why don’t you just buy the cheap plastic tables for your studio… you can get them super cheap”

Me, “no, I don’t want plastic tables, I really like the pallets, I know it’s a lot of work but I don’t mind hard work and they really fit my style”

– “wow, $50 is a lot of money for a used piece of furniture… you can’t just be spending money like that.. the free pallets are a much better choice”

Me, “yes, but more important than the money is that I really am excited about my pallet table… it’s so me…”

– “nobody is spending money anymore.. you’re better off selling stuff cheaper”

– “your stuff is beautiful but it’s priced way too low. You won’t ever attract the right people with these low prices”

– “have you ever thought about making, (fill in a million ideas here)? I saw them here and that person was selling a ton of them…”

– “is there any money in the art world? is that a good choice for business choice?”

– “there is no money in painting… your better off selling supplies that’s where the money is”

You get the idea… every day… well intended comments  that I used to feel obligated to listen to.  These days however, I’m in the zone. I’m realizing the power of being focused, confident and knowing my boundaries. Also what I will and won’t do, what I am okay with making and what I am not okay with charging.  Pay attention to the world, take notes as you put together your plan.. listen to your heart.  Learn to listen to the right people; the people who know, the people who “get” your direction. Then as you execute it.. be focused.. head down and make it happen!!!