this will change lives

A couple weeks ago I co-launched a brand new, online membership program with Gwen Wright of House of Girls. I am SOOOOO proud of it. It is a place where each month we can gently examine different areas of our lives and gain clarity and empower ourselves to take all life has handed us and use it as fuel. To support one another and also to regain control and empower ourselves. In a world that never seems to slow down, we have to grant ourself the permission to take a breath and start building the amazing life we know we are meant for. This group combines bringing together people looking to show up in life, accountability, and also a mix of guest experts, creative projects, community, and lessons. I know it will truly change lives and help us to reclaim all we know is possible.


Earlier this year, I reached a dream of my own. I was able to travel for 3 months with my family. During which, I finally got to visit Egypt! The I can tell you with 100% certainty though that the lessons I learned as I made that dream happen (the planning, budgeting, owning the dream even while the whole world was on pause, learning to ask for what I really want…) those lessons will stick with me forever and are just as important as the moment that I actually saw the pyramids and the ancient history of Egypt first hand.

Dreams Matter! 

Whether your dream is to travel the world, to start a business, to stay home and raise your babies, to just feel better…. I can’t encourage you enough to do everything you can do to help honor that inner knowing inside of you. Let us support you and hold space for you and celebrate all you are wanting to bring into your life.

You can find out all the details if you’re interested here or share with others. It’s for women and men, from the US or internationally.


Click on over and take a look.  Wishing you a wonderful day.