two are better than one

I’m in the midst of my first major fundraising effort. Next year I will go to Israel with 333 other women to create a space for peace, sisterhood and change.  You can read all about the story here.  To make this happen I’ve stepped forward to raise over $9500 in the next 9 months.  One thing I never expected is how incredibly vulnerable I feel.   The passion I feel for the cause makes it all worth it to put myself out there, but I admit every once in awhile a little voice does step in, “who do you think you are?”, “that’s impossible”, “times are tough for people”, “if you fail, you are going to fail in front of EVERYONE!”…  uggghhh.  It’s not a fun experience when I am feeling those doubts.  Thankfully most of the time I am able to keep my mind clear of them and remember this isn’t really about me. It will undoubtedly be a life changing experience for me, but it’s bigger than me.

So that brings up the question that I admit I have asked myself,  “Why not just get a second job or bust my butt doing extra artwork and earn the $9,000 myself and never have to talk about it to anyone, no feeling vulnerable or ever feeling rejection?”  A beautiful friend of mine, Joan so perfectly articulated why this isn’t the best option and it really got me thinking.

Part of the beauty of us as women going to Israel to work with these 600+ other ladies is that it’s bigger than us.  Part of our goal is to raise awareness. Awareness for the possibilities of peace, the power of a sisterhood, that we aren’t as different from another as the world likes to tell us we are.  Awareness that we can make a difference, awareness that there is tremendous power in 10’s of thousands of people that have pitched in anywhere from $10 – hundreds or bought a bracelet or even simply sent best wishes. That is more people praying, sending positive energy and raising the consciousness of the power we have as a collective force.  That is 10’s of thousands of other men and women who get the gift of knowing they are part of something bigger, they get to feel the pride and goodness in helping others.  I once heard an interesting thing: those who witnessed an act of kindness actually had as much and sometimes more of an oxytocin/happy hormone rush that even the people who were the giver or receiver of the good deed.   Those people then take that happiness and spread it in their own lives to those they come in contact with.  So by the time we all head out on our adventure in May of 2014 there will be 100’s of thousands of people involved.  Involved, affected for the better, invested, praying, meditating. That is WAY bigger and better than little ol’ me and my $9,000 without anyone else being involved.  We are part of a swelling undertide of change, peace and love.  And that, it feels amazing for everyone single one of us.   **Noelle




If you feel called to be a part of this journey through supporting me, I’d be so grateful.  There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Buy a gorgeous bracelet from me. I just got a brand new batch in on 4/8/2013!! These bracelets are beautiful and my hope is that each time you look at it you will feel the difference you’ve made. Each bracelet is $33 and comes in an organza bag and has a tag that tells about the project. These make a great gift also. This amount is not tax deductable since you will be getting a bracelet in return but all profits will go to this project. I will have limited designs of each one shown, if the one you order is sold out I will let you know and replace it with one here that is closest to what you order. Bracelets will begin shipping in April.
  2. If you own a store, salon, boutique etc where women frequent and you would like to help sponsor this project let me know. I will be connecting with 11 local businesses to sell bracelets; I will provide a basket to place near your register to sell 33 bracelets and will provide all information about the project to display. I will then be checking in with you bi-weekly. In exchange for this generous help, once those bracelets are sold out your name will be added to the Harmony Project website and I will add your store name to my own website and any future press releases about the project.
  3. SHE – postcard Print. This prints radiates beauty, strength, connectedness. Everything that the Harmony Project stands for also.  For $15 you get 2 – 5.5″ x8.5″ postcard prints!  See the print here.