Vision Boards!

I am about to have a vision board get together this weekend so we can all share our resources and inspiration while we tap into our goals and put our intentions out into the universe.


What is a vision board? Well, I’m no expert but I have made several. You can google them to learn more but I use them for 2 distinct reasons. For my blog/website etc I plan on finding all sorts of images that inspire me, quotes and uplifting phrases that speak to me. I try not to read too much into what I like or why just my raw emotion of being drawn to it or not.  I have used old record sleeves as a background, scrapbook paper or just cardboard and then just tape or glue all the pieces in on in any way that seems to fit and look nice. I think there is something beautiful about just pictures of nice fabrics, textures, scrapbook papers, etc. Once I’m done I then can start to analyze what it is that I am drawn to and why.  How can I achieve that feeling through my own company identity (blog, website, cards, even return address labels).

The 2nd reason I do them is to put certain items, places, feelings I get when I see things into my consciousness.  I have a photoshopped check to me for $50k on one of my vision boards for my business, places I want to travel to, me photoshopped onto the cover of magazines I’d love to be in someday. Art brushes that inspire me, etc.  There are tons of studies done that show that through the power of intention (attraction) that when you declare to the universe that you want these things in your life that the universe responds. I believe too that we then make subconscious decisions that help lead us towards those things and by looking at them enough they don’t seem so “out there” but more of a reality.   Hopefully that makes sense.

So Saturday evening I plan on doing the first example of a vision board.  For some reason I have a complete mental block of what style I am drawn to more.  Some of my work is calming, meditative and other is bold and full of color.  I really try to do a lot on repurposed materials so I’m leaning alsoon maybe tying that in somehow.  Years ago when I was going through my divorce I actually put together a whole scrapbook full of things that I just got pleasure out of looking at. Each page tapped into a different part of my personality.  It was a crucial exercise for me as I was re-trying to find my voice and what I stood for after I felt like I lost myself in that relationship. There were so many times over the next few years that I’d page through these pages just feeling so inspired. Super corny but super awesome with super results.   Here are some of those pages:

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This is a great activity for a teenager, college age or any age for that matter. Something about declaring and finding your own voice with no judgement is so therapeutic.

Happy creating and attracting to you!  *N