What if I don’t know what my dreams are?

What if I don’t know what my dreams are? If you have thought that, you aren’t alone.

In this video I share my thoughts on this, and what are some tips to start moving towards that, as well as how my course can help you get clear about them.


I created this Dare to Dream course for those who are sure about their dreams, and those who are not sure about their dreams. This course is a zero shame space.

It’s no secret that I’m a dreamer. An optimist. And a believer that we all have the power to live the life of our dreams. I’ve finally found a way to combine those beliefs with creativity, and my project coordination experience to create a new course that I know can change lives. This course is for anyone looking to dream again. For a multitude of reasons we often stop this magical practice. This course is full of hope, support, shame-free approaches, and lessons to help discover new dreams or uncover past ones. There is no art in this course. Instead, it’ll walk through creative approaches and practical action plans. You can join the online group and share and get support or you can do the lessons privately on your own. You can have big, bold dreams, or quiet and small ones. All are welcome.


Registration for this first guided experience closes soon. You can find all the details here.