When DIY’ing everything is just dumb

So yes folks, I’ve had another breakthrough.  I’m writing this in particular about my business but it totally applies to my personal life as well.  Why do I thnk I need to do it all? Surely I’m not the only one who tries to do this. I buy the supplies, paint the artwork, scan the artwork, edit the work, upload the work to all the places it needs to be, build my own websites, blog, facebook, etc. Then also do all the shipping, accounting, pr, and follow up.   I try to picture a successful dentist or

I was talking last night with a woman that teaches classes on some of those areas that I’m having the biggest struggle on and a lightbulb went off.  I need to get a place where instead of only getting to spend 10% of my working time actually doing the painting and editing I spend 90% doing those. The rest is all the supporting roles that I can hire out.  I am SOOOready for the next level.

As I’m exposing myself to people that are further along in their careers I’m seeing the different ways people value their time and energy. They also spend their money differently.  I was going to post this last night as I went to bed I just felt so frustrated with my need to do it all and I was replaying my day. I am trying to re-build my website on wordpress and because I have a degree in Graphic Design I feel that I should be able to do this.  Once I’m in there though and I’ve downloaded the software, added some plugins, paid for a year of hosting, etc. I’m feeling totally in over my head.  It’s called trying to do things super cheap and then feeling frustrated by the results.  Today I woke up and was listening to a past Loral Langemeier show on Hayhouse and she was talking about this very subject. MEANT TO BE that I heard that talk.

My goals for the coming year:

-Find a wholesale rep to show my work at the gift marts/ natural health shows

-find an intern to help me a few hours a week with odds and ends, setup, prep work

-a mentor (tie in closer with my wholesale mentor) and find a business building mentor

– buy a scale to weigh and print postage for my orders at home so I don’t have to haul Aspen to the post office so often.

– Hire out my website for cleanup and have someone setup my e-courses.

I’m actually learning to love these frustrating little spurts. I know I’m growing in my business, forcing change. Big things are coming… I can feel it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  Please if you would take a moment and send prayers and good energy to the people and animals in Duluth and other areas in northern Minnesota.  They are experiencing record flooding, homes being destroyed, animals lost (including some from the zoo).  I’ve included a picture below; my mom was from Duluth so 1/2 my relatives live up there.  Including a cousin whose basement is underwater and she has a baby boy less then a month old. I can’t imagine the stress she and her husband are feeling.

– The one picture is a seal that was flooded out of the zoo and found on the street, the other is the well knows “Grandma’s” restaurant.