When a client walks into the doors of your studio their first impressions are formed within seconds.  

“I can’t say enough about my artwork! Noelle was so helpful and helped put together a custom order for my office. I get so many compliments! The shipping was fast and I got it up on my wall in time for the open house of my new office!” – Heather, Chiropractor

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Take a look around your yoga studio environment with a fresh view, as if it was your first time. Does the decor, retail area and wall art speak to your company’s mission statement?  Does it energetically match how you want your students to feel when they enter your space? Does it clearly communicate your dedication to the mind, body and soul connection?  Does it feel inspired or cluttered and heavy?

Who is your customer? What do they aspire to be? Do they want to feel better when they see you?  What extra offerings could you present for them to help them on that journey? Do they want to be able to purchase a print for their wall at home that clearly communicates their hearts goals and makes them feel good?  Would they love the chance to purchase a handful of cards to be able to pass along to their own friends and families? Gifts, ornaments or wall art?

Diversifying your revenue streams  provides an additional opportunity to serve your clients and increase your company’s sales.  Carrying some of the larger items like the posters or pallet art prints to let everyone who enters your studio see and feel the artwork’s peaceful energy.

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Did you know that many of the Soulful Yoga artwork contains added elements?  In many of the pieces the accent color coordinates with the chakra being activated in that pose shown.  Example; in the upward facing dog, the message is about love, the colors green. All connecting back to the heart chakra. You can get artwork with the messages shown or with no words.




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