So glad you're here. While we review your wholesale request I invite you to get to know the Noelle Rollins Art artwork lines.  Here is a bit about them:


For those with clients who shop for gifts to honor a loved one passed. This could be a floral shop, salon, wellness center where people are looking for a special, hand crafted gift to make a thoughtful statement.

Christmas and Sacred Hellos Collections

Soulful Yoga line is great for wellness centers, chiropractic clinics, yoga studios and more.

Rising up through men and women everywhere is a nudging need to connect with themselves on a deeper, more soulful level.  People are busy, racing through each day’s to-do list and left feeling depleted, exhausted and guilty.  This Soulful Yoga artwork series has been created to assist in the mind, body and soul connection.  Noelle has combined insightful messages and color accents in each piece that are inspired from the yoga pose and the chakra activated by that pose with her own artistic flair and poetry.  This artwork is offered in a variety of print sizes, price points and styles making it versatile enough to fit in homes, offices and studios for personal or professional settings.

soulful yoga prints and matted prints

Are you a natural health practitioner that is new to wholesale? We've got a ton of information and ideas for you here.


After the wholesale line debut at the Minneapolis Mart in August, 2018 I will be adding music artwork and other inspirational pieces to the online shop as well.  I am open to suggestions, requests for custom pieces that you know your customers will love and ideas.


I look forward to working together in the future.