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Hello friends,  the countdown is on until the social media switch is flipped off. Why would anyone plan on giving up social media?  I wanted to share the reasons why I will be giving up social media for 1 year. Some are ones you can probably guess, others may surprise you.

girl smelling rose with pink hair

wondering about life beyond facebook

10 reasons why I’m giving up Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and also a few reasons that I’m nervous about:

  1. I want to create a level of calm in my life that I’m not feeling right now. The best way I can describe how I’m feeling is that no matter what I’m doing I feel a subtle humming in the background of things on social media I should be checking on.  When I say social media, to me is this: Have my friends or relatives posted new photos of their kids? Anyone up to anything fun lately, or how are my friends doing?  Also, for me it means where I manage an arm of my art business. I have 15o0 people on my art page that I want to share things with, share new art, and also find inspiration from others.  However I’ve had to get really real about how much of my energy is really being spent on this and how much is being taken away from my family I live with. Am I giving my kids and my husband my best?
  2. Politics and division.  I’m exhausted. I’m overstimulated and over-informed on too many opinions and too much everything. I need to save my energy and channel it better into staying informed but then using that energy to make change where I’m called.
  3. Creative energy. I’m in the middle of writing a book, creating new artwork, and creating a host of new online classes while also homeschooling my youngest. I am needing to use every ounce of my creative energy I can to serve my clients, myself and my family.
  4. Social time – in person. Right now I work from home, homeschool and most of my hobbies are alone. I love my me time. However social media fills up my social needs just enough to make me feel satiated. However not the same as face to face visits and interactions do.  I’m wondering if I take that away if I’ll begin to want to go sit and town again and find interactions.  We’ll see.
  5. Curious if business can grow off facebook – I want to show other business owners that we can build our businesses in this era without social media. Right now that feels impossible, but I’m up for the challenge.
  6. Simplify life – I want to show my kids that we can simplify our life and technology in areas and find more joy.  Again, we’ll see if this is true. We’re planning on building a greenhouse and I’m determined to dive into more of a farm to table lifestyle. For me that means growing  some of our own food and learning to save seeds. Learning about planting groupings, and getting better results than my mediocre gardening attempts from past years. Also I plan on incorporating learning healthy recipes and preserving skills into Aspen’s homeschooling curriculum so we can learn together.
  7. Energy suckers. I’ve done a pretty good job of unfriending and blocking people who are constantly negative or posting fearful stories, or other energy sucking posts. But, I’m curious if more energy is still lost than I’m aware of. Have I built a tolerance to things that I don’t realize would bother me in other situations or am I am I losing more energy to Facebook and Instagram than I realize?
  8. I’m a rule following rebel – Most likely I’m not breaking any laws or really doing anything all that rebellious on a day to day basis but… I hate to be told what I should do.  And the fact that it feels like people must be on social media sorta makes me want to prove it wrong.
  9. Time –  This ties into the other areas but it must be said. Often I lay in bed in the morning and scroll through social media for 30 minutes before I get out of bed. I know I could spend this time more efficiently and ease my morning time crunch?
  10. Authenticity – I pride myself on being authentic. I like to think that my grandma would describe me the same way as my sister, my client, my neighbor or my mail lady would. I do wonder though how much a constant social angle on things plays into my interactions or intentions. What does this mean? Am I more fake than I realize? We’ll see.

What am I nervous about:

  1. Disappearing into the forgotten abyss.
  2. Once business slows down and on a random day in February I’m feeling the effects of the long, cold winter, will depression take hold or hit me harder than the normal season effects I feel?
  3. Missing out on friends and family and what they are up to.  The last time I took 3 months off Facebook I got back on and found out a friend had lost her brother-in-law, a cousin was pregnant, amongst other fun things people were up to. I’m having to surrender on this a bit and adjust my expectations to knowing all things back to a 1990’s level.
  4. That people will think I don’t care. The problem I feel like I have is that I care too much. I take my friends on social media really seriously, I want to know what they are up to, I want them to know I care, I root for them. Will people know I care or will they dismiss me assuming I’m thinking, “I’m too good for social media”
  5. My business will dry up.  I run a visual business, can I find people who connect with my work outside of social media.
  6. What if I wasn’t realizing that all the times I picked up my phone to look at social media? Have I been avoiding thinking about deeper, harder issues? What if I now will have to face those thing head on without the distractions?
Noelle writing in yosemite

Noelle taking time to write surrounded by the energy of the redwoods in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite.

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