words for the friend who just announced she’s getting divorced

I remember a time almost 10 years ago where I felt like the sound went out around me, everything was caving in on me and I was trying not to black out. I was just informed by my then husband of 5 years that he didn’t want to be married anymore.  I remember thinking of our 3 year old, thinking how did I not see this coming, feeling like I had just failed on the biggest stage of my life.  A spent a few hours in denial, then a few days in shock then months in tears and more denial.  Then something took over me that told me I’d be okay, life would go on. On some deeper level I knew that I would come out of that situation stronger and wiser then I had gone into it.  But it was a hard, yucky time. I was annoyed with the world, annoyed with people around me and mostly annoyed with myself.

I moved back to Minnesota (from Dallas) and while sharing a bedroom with my daughter in my parent’s house, I began to put my life back together.  I made lists of all the things I had given up on that I wanted to add back into my life.  I made lists of career options.  I made graphs and charts of all the areas of my life; career, health, finances, hobbies, goals, travel, living, relationships. I noted where I was, where I wanted to be.  What I needed to add into my life, who and what needed to go.  It was hard but thankfully this energy took over and helped me go through it.  I never expected those few years following to be the beginning of the greatest years of my life.

I was lucky to have a few level headed friends and family members around me to help keep me moving forward.  I’ll never forget my dearest soul sister telling me, “You can handle this like they would on Springer or Oprah” . Wow, there were some pop culture words of wisdom that I have never forgotten.

I wanted to give back and help others so I’ve created a Divorce Manifesto.  This is a FREE printable guide that is perfect for women going through a divorce. You can pass it along to anyone you know who could use this tool in their life right now.  Print it, put it by your desk, on your bathroom mirror, in your car or wherever you find yourself needing a boost and reminder of how to not only survive the divorce experience but turn it into a time where you get to know yourself, honor yourself and reset your life path. You can can find a free download here or you can right click the image below:






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If you’ve used this Divorce Manifesto and it’s helped you, I would love to hear about it. Email me and tell me all about it. Thanks!