your joy is my joy

One of the most powerful dreams I’ve had and I can’t stop thinking about it and what it means for my entire life.


I was sitting at a large table with several other people, we were in a cooking show competition.  I was so proud of these seasoned french fries I made, they had some sort of special way I cut them, they were coated with a perfected coating. They were delcious.  

Then someone else across from me at the table presented the most amazing super in-depth dessert. It was beautiful and delicious. I remember momentarily feeling deflated, how could my french fries compare to that beautiful dessert?

I remember then hearing a voice telling me that we are connected, when one of us wins we both win. This is also true for when one of us is hurting.  I sat and pondered that idea.  I remember then accepting that we are all cooking different parts of this meal. There is no competition, you need both the basics (like potatoes) and the beautiful extras.  

Later as people tried my potatoes they raved about them, they were delicious. They didn’t need to be dessert, they just needed to be the best potatoes they could.  (hows that for a metaphor…)

The dessert woman won the competition, but instead of feeling angry or jealous I cheered for her.  I remember so clearly feeling so proud of her.  The feeling of joy was as strong as if she was my own daughter, an extension of me and I genuinely cheered for her success.  


I had that dream over a month ago and I’m amazed how much it’s stuck with me.  


I think of that message when another artist friend of mine completes a beautiful painting. I celebrate her and cheer for us, the world is a better place with that art. We all get the benefit of feeling good by seeing it.  I’ve thought of that when I see someone who is further along in their career than I am, when someone has worked and improved their health and lost weight, when someone who has had trouble saying no learns to set healthy boundaries for themselves. I cheer for them. 

Especially us as women, when we can quit competing with each other and start collaborating, cheering for each other and genuinely celebrating what we each add into this world, then the world around us will dramatically change.    Let me add that I’m not talking about the type of competing like we do in sports, competitions, etc.  I’m talking about the kind that quitly eats you up inside as you feel envy or jealousy.  The kind that is not healthy or productive. The kind that instead of being happy for them we cut them down and “put them in their place”.

WE are that change!   Sending this out into the world with peace and love!    *Noelle